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Weather its a standard windshield replacement, the replacement of a back window of a sedan, or a side window of a semi-truck, we are able to replace auto glass on almost any vehicle. Many people don’t think about it, but windshields are a very important part of your cars safety system. Here at Glass to Go, our team is comprised of fully qualified specialists that can repair chipped windshields before they grow and become larger.

Onsite Glass Repair for Auto and Truck Windows in Neillsville and surrounding areas.

This is why we take your windshields replacement very seriously. If your crack or chip is shorter than a credit card, have a smaller diameter than a 50 cent coin, and not touching the edge of the glass, that means that it can normally be repaired. These kind of repairs are very east to do and can usually be done in under an hour.

We guarantee that the same care and attention to detail for any glass window on any vehicle that we service. When the crack or chip is repaired, you still may see where the damage was done, this is because the fix is a structural one, rather than a cosmetic one, This is intended to prevent the crack or chip from spreading further. We stay trained and educated as well as staying up to date on the changing auto industry standards to ensure we are always at the top. The best part is that your car insurance company will often cover the cost.

Neillsville Auto Glass Repairs and Service

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We offer auto glass repairs throughout most of the United States including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

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