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Auto Glass Repair Services

Glass to Go Technicians repair chips in your windshield to save you time and money and keep your windshield from cracking. We are a preferred provider for our insurance company, so if you go through insurance, the repair is usually done at no cost to you! We typically can fix chips up to 2” in diameter, or about the size of a half dollar. By injecting repair resin into the chip we can keep your windshield from cracking and maintain its integrity. While some companies claim they can fix long cracks in windshields, this is misleading. The crack may clear up, and may even stop from growing, but the integrity of the windshield has been lost and it is not as strong as it should be. We always encourage customers to have their windshield replaced if the chip is not fixable. However, fixing chips that are still small enough to repair can save you hundreds of dollars! While nearly all chip repairs are successful, one will occasionally fail. That is why we offer our No Fail Chip Warranty. If your chip does fail, we will take the amount you paid us for the repair, off of the bill for the replacement. We offer mobile service, but in shop service is always preferred as we can work in a controlled environment to ensure the weather can’t interfere with the fixing of your windshield. This is why we offer free pick up and drop off service. Don’t wait for your chip to spread, call 715-748-3757 or email glasstogomedford@gmail.com today!

Auto Glass Replacement Services in Missouri and surrounding areas.

Glass to Go is your number one local auto glass destination for expert installation. Our certified technicians take pride in safely, expertly and efficiently replacing your windshield with the highest quality products to get you back on the road quickly and safely; saving you time and piece of mind.

While some companies cut corners and claim to do it cheaper, they use inferior products, like slow curing urethane that might make your car unsafe to drive for the next 24 hours! Glass To Go uses fast curing urethane, meaning that 30 minutes after your new windshield is put in, your car is safe to drive. And you can have piece of mind knowing that even if you were to get into an accident, your windshield would stay in place when the airbags deployed. Don’t risk the safety of yourself and your passengers, make sure your windshield is replaced properly, by qualified technicians at Glass To Go. We also replace your broken door glass, back window and quarter glass in your car.

We offer mobile service, although in shop service is always preferred to ensure your window can be fixed without having to worry about the weather. This is why we also offer free pickup and drop off service so we can fix your window while you are at home, work or school. Call today, 715-748-3757or email glasstogomedford@gmail.com.

Missouri Auto Glass Repairs and Service

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